Senior Consultant


You will work in teams to address strategic issues for our clients :

  • Manage a workstream ranging from problem-solving to final delivery
  • Conduct complex quantitative, strategic, and financial analyses related to companies and their activities
  • Supervise interns or junior staff within the workstream and support their development
  • Participate actively in crafting and synthesizing recommendations for clients
  • Contribute to internal development activities of the firm (e.g., recruitment, training, marketing, communication)

Based in Paris, you will be involved in projects both in France and internationally.

Background and Required Skills

  • Master from a top business school, engineering school, or university
  • Successful experience in strategy consulting (>2 years)
  • Excellent analytical and synthesis skills, both written and oral
  • Fluent in both English and French

Required Qualities

  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Independent, curious, and proactive
  • Strong leadership skills and a genuine team player

Circle Strategy values

  • Care : We promote an empathetic and caring approach in all our client and internal interactions, valuing each individual and their contribution
  • Inspiration : We cultivate an environment that stimulates imagination and innovation, inspiring each of our collaborators to give and achieve their full potential
  • Responsibility : We fully assume our responsibility in our actions, decisions, and strategic recommendations, ensuring ethical conduct and maintaining the high standards and expectations of the strategy consulting profession
  • Creativity : We encourage creative thinking and the pursuit of innovative solutions in all our missions, thus fostering an environment conducive to exploring innovative solutions for our clients
  • Lifestyle : We support a healthy work-life balance that harmoniously integrates personal and professional well-being, thereby supporting the fulfillment of our collaborators
  • Entrepreneurship : We foster an entrepreneurial spirit within our team, encouraging initiative, innovation, and the pursuit of new opportunities to address the challenges and opportunities of our clients and the firm

Circle Strategy’s Purpose

  • “We craft strategies for bold and sustainable futures”