Strategy consulting has entered the age of doing


In a changing world, strategy must adapt.

And when the former is less and less predictable, the connection between strategy and the field must be kept as direct as possible. Pragmatism has become a sine qua non for succeeding in the strategy consulting business.

Circle is the consultancy of these new times. It demonstrates that strategy consulting has entered the age of doing. In increasingly short economic and social cycles, a theoretical approach is becoming less relevant. Now more than ever, pragmatism is central to our business, defining a virtuous cycle between knowledge and action.

In the new world of consulting, a sense for the field is crucial. Efficiency is what turns the excellence of expertise into a concrete result. We call this the exficiency.


Legitimacy as the cornerstone of our vision.


Because we believe that a vision must build on a strong legitimacy to come to life, we work or exploit it in a systematic manner at the onset of each assignment.

Why (why are my clients buying from me, why are my employees working for me, why is the market (or the corporation if a BU) investing in me).

We use this Legitimacy as a foundation for the acceptability of strategic plans, the applicability of transformation plans, arbitrations and growth and diversification opportunities.

Legitimacy = Why + Assets


Pragmatism, the foundation of our achievements.


The best corporate strategy is not necessarily the smartest one, but rather one that leads to the best result.
Circle has therefore developed a methodology that puts the field at the heart of strategy.

Pragmatism = Acceptability (didactic) + Applicability (bottom up) + Agility (loop with strat)

An international consulting firm based in Paris

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Circle originated from an MBO on the strategy consulting activity of a venture capital vehicle.
Its founders were rapidly backed by the group, with whom they share a common vision of the strategy consulting business undergoing a paradigm shift: a pressing need for pragmatism.

To affirm this vision, three main pillars define Circle’s differentiating factors:

  • People : People are essential to change things, they are thus obviously our main differentiating factor.
    Our vision of the need for pragmatism in our activity is embodied in the dual competency of all our employees: consulting in strategy and a real operational experience.
  • Méthodologie : Because people change along with the world, and thus our clients, the clients of our clients and our employees, the way to change and address them to must shift as well.
    Our methodologies, while building on strong fundamentals, are more adapted, up-to-date and didactic than those of most other market players.
  • Communication : : If we hadn’t understood that communication is crucial at every stage of our activity, we wouldn’t be a strategy consulting firm. Therefore, we’re using communication as a differentiating factor in our assignments, from the typology of our customer relationships to the relationship between our employees.

Now based in Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg, Circle pushes the entire strategy practice of the group and can boast an international activity.

Pragmatism = Acceptability (didactic) + Applicability (bottom up) + Agility (loop with strat)

Putting the field at the heartof strategy


The best corporate strategy is not necessarily the smartest one, but rather one that leads to the best result. Circle has therefore developed a methodology that puts the field at the center of the strategy.

  • Acceptability: a strategy must factor in from the beginning the didactic means pertaining to its acceptation and its implementation by stakeholders.
  • Applicability: a strategy must be decided upon only once the technical conditions for its application have been validated ahead of time by frontline players.
  • Adaptability: a strategy must be designed so that it can be adapted with reactivity and over time to its complex, changing application environments.

Our playing fields


Growth strategy

Transformation Plan

CSR Strategy


The core of our activity builds on bringing our pragmatic DNA to the strategic and transformation plans (operations, digital, footprint) of organizations.

The history of our consultancy and the track record of many employees allow us to be legitimate and relevant on topics such as growth and diversification strategies, portfolio strategies, CSR strategies, employer brand, data and brand shifting.

We are more than experts


A vision can only be reached if it is shared by all the members carrying it.
Hence our strict selection of the profiles of employees joining us.

More than graduating from the best schools and the greatest consulting firms, what all Circlers share is a real field experience and an impact-driven mindset.

Circlers = Strategic brain + Pragmatic mindset

Grow together


Such is the Circlers’ motto. Promoting differences, caring for transparency, results orientation, being proud of belonging, contribute to the commitment of teams, the driver of our consultancy’s striking growth. Experienced daily, these values reflect on our clients and partners.

Entrepreneurship as a starting point


The uniqueness of Circle in the consulting world stems partly from its origins. Circle did not originate in consulting but arose from venture capital. Strategists and entrepreneurs, we have kept from these beginnings a deeply pragmatic culture of turning ideas into business and making it happen, an innovative approach of daily work focusing on the unique objective of having a strong impact.

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