Strat for impact.

The firm that challenges convictions

Circle Strategy supports top management in their challenges with its specific pragmatic approach. The Circle Strategy approach comes from the unique profile of its 50+ Circlers, all having strategic consulting experience and hands-on entrepreneurial and/or company experience.
Our motto, ‘Strat for impact,’ reflects our commitment to putting strategy at the service of bold and sustainable futures.
Circle Strategy was founded in 2019 by three entrepreneurs convinced that strategic consulting must evolve to address today’s fast changing business environment.
Part of Square Management, the firm is now present in Paris, Brussels, and Luxembourg, with projects spanning the globe (e.g., USA, Nordics, India).

  • Brussels: 17 Blvd Général Wahis, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
  • Paris: 31 rue des Poissonniers, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
  • Luxembourg: 155 rue du Kiem, 8030 Strassen, Luxembourg


The driving force
of modern
strategic consulting.


To adapt to the fast-changing business world, we believe that strategic consulting needs a new approach. The old ‘one-size-fits-all’ model no longer works. Our focus is on making decisions that match a company’s legitimacy and are carried out effectively by our team of experienced experts (see our profiles section).

Our pragmatic approach is summed up in 4A:

  • Acceptability
    Active engagement of all stakeholders to ensure their commitment.
  • Applicability
    Tailored recommendations designed to be successfully implemented.
  • Agility
    Flexible recommendations to thrive today’s constantly evolving environment.
  • « Accountability »
    Our unwavering commitment to ensure that our recommendations have a positive impact on business models, society, and the environment.


We craft strategies for
bold and sustainable futures.


The best strategy isn’t necessarily the smartest, but the one generating the most impact.
Circle Strategy ensures that, every day, on every project, we deliver a triple positive impact in terms of:

  • business model
  • organization
  • social and environmental responsibility of the company

Let’s ensure a bold and sustainable future together.

Our profiles

Strategy consultants
with hand-on experience.
We are highly selective about the profiles of the Circlers who join us.
Beyond having prestigious educational backgrounds and experience in top consulting firms, Circlers have in common hands-on experience and the drive to create impact.

Jean-Marc Liduena, Sr Partner

+15 years strat’ consulting experience (Former Principal Bain, Partner Roland Berger, Sr Partner Monitor Deloitte, etc)
+10 years intrapreneur (Founder 2 consulting firms)
+8 years industry experience (ex-VP & Europe COMEX Unilever)

Maxime van Steenberghe, Senior Manager

+5 years strat’ consulting experience (Former McKinsey)
+10 years entrepreneur (Founder Flemar, Creo2)

Laetitia Fouquet-Carpinelli, Partner

+10 years strat’ consulting experience (Former Expert McKinsey & Company)
+10 ans entrepreneur (Founder Akanopé, CI Consulting, eHealth FWD)
+8 years industry experience (Manager Mondelez)

Adrien Chantraine, Manager

+3 years strat’ consulting experience (Former BCG)
+3 years entrepreneur (VC Senior Associate Scalex scale-up)

Nicolas Fontang, Principal

+10 years strat’ consulting experience (Former Sr Manager Bain, Roland Berger, etc)
+5 years entrepreneur (Founder High Life)
+5 years industry experience (Strat’ director Cimpress, Gallery Director, etc)

Jeanne Krotoff, Sr Consultant

+2 years strat’ consulting experience
+2 years industry experience (analyst Bpifrance & BNP Paribas)

Areas of

A generalist firm
with strong expertise.

The history of the firm has enabled the development of specific expertise.

3 macro domains:

  • Growth Strategy: Draft tailored plans to drive our clients’ expansion in an ever-evolving environment.
  • Sustainability as a strategy: Drive sustainability into our clients’ development, ensuring sustainability by design.
  • Digital and Operational Transformation: Optimize our clients’ operations performance and management leveraging digital innovation.

6 Sectors:

  • Consumer (Luxury, FMCG, …)
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Industry
  • Mobility
  • TMT


Live our daily
thirst for impact.

We maximize our impact through our projects by setting specific objectives (i.e., to empower our clients’ employees / organization, improve their results, and enhance their societal impact). Additionally, we offer our expertise pro bono to support impactful projects.
Recently, we collaborated with Emmaüs to redefine the strategy of Emmaüs Défi and refocus the efforts of Emmaüs Campüs on youth.
Next, we are proudly supporting the organization of ‘Rencontre des Sablons,’ the first forum of ideas centered around major societal challenges.