Manager (Associate/CaseTeam Leader) >6 years of experience:

To accelerate your career, join a firm that will allow you to develop your clients without being locked down by a hierarchy of Senior Partners.

Who is Circle?

Seen from our customers

Circle is a disruptive player in the strategy market via :

An approach that breaks with traditional consulting firms

As the economic and social cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, the theoretical approach based on the past experience of classical firms is becoming less and less relevant.

Seen by the Circlers

A vision with 3 strong convictions :


Circle places the field at the heart of its methodology. More than ever, pragmatism is at the center of our profession by forming a virtuous circle between knowledge and action. In the new world of consulting, a sense of the field is essential. Efficiency is what transforms the excellence of expertise into a concrete result. We call this the exiciency.


Because we are convinced that for a vision to be realized, it must be based on a strong legitimacy, we work or exploit it systematically at the beginning of each mission. Legitimacy serves as the foundation for strategic plans and transformation plans.


Circle’s originality in the consulting world comes in part from its origins. Circle was born from venture capital and recruits profiles with a dual background: strategy consulting and real field experience. Our clients, the large groups of the CAC 40, appreciate the focus on impact and the pragmatic spirit of the Circlers.

 Circle is the opportunity to accelerate one’s career in :

A strategy consulting firm with solid foundations

A recognition of the firm within the major groups of the CAC 40 with high value-added projects sponsored by the COMEX.

A pragmatic approach recognized by our clients that ensures that the strategy can be deployed and applicable in the field.

(“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” Churchill)

A rich entrepreneurial adventure in a very fast-growing firm with the ambition to become the # 1 independent strategy firm.

Direct participation in the development of a very large up-and-coming firm with strong ambitions and significant decision-making power.

What are the values at Circle?

The values of Circle

Circle is based on 3 fundamental values

1 – Transparency

Feedback, customer feedback, tutoring, horizontal organization are all examples of which the transparency experienced at Circle is expressed.

2 – A place that makes you grow

An environment conducive to the sharing of knowledge, an importance given to the singularity of Circler thanks to a free choice training policy, Circle’s proximity to its customers and the transparency of exchanges, allow the skills development of both Circlers and our customers.

3 – The exficiency

The compromise between excellence and pragmatism to deliver the necessary impact.

Expectations for our Circlers

Employees who are guarantors of Circle values :

1 – Transparency

Be able to demonstrate leadership in a horizontal structure: ready to value the feedback of all resources regardless of their level.

2 – A place that makes you grow

Be able to grow and make his team grow thanks to your uniqueness.

3 – Pragmatic excellence

Be able to arbitrate the needs of rigor and strategic excellence by reconciling the search for impact while respecting deadlines.

What is your role at Circle? :

The role today

Within a horizontal structure, the Manager takes the lead on the delivery of projects.

1 – Animate the teams of consultants on the delivery.

2 – Ensure the impact and satisfaction of customers

3 – Make your team grow

The evolution of the role

1 – Great customer exposure: rapid evolution to a Senior Manager rank. Thanks to the close customer relationship, a great opening to new business development opportunities: farming.

2 – Management of his career: Thanks to his expertise and a very rich experience, the Manager will be able to become the reference interlocutor with certain clients and contribute to the development of the offer.

3 – Preserve your individuality: Circle highlights the uniqueness of each employee as a wealth of diversity rather than standardizing all its employees.

Why join us? :


To drive high value-added projects with maximum exposure to clients.


One time opportunity

Joining the growing Circle adventure is an opportunity to participate in the development of a large firm in the making. An adventure where the Manager will be able to build a rich network. Thanks to a career management policy based on meritocracy and result, the Manager will aspire to a rapid evolution to a Senior Manager rank.